Great-Grandma’s Comfort Gifts

My friend Georgia recently asked me to help her out with a project. Two of her great-grandchildren, ages 6 and 8 years old, I believe, are going on a cross-country RV trip with their grandmother. Georgia has been busy putting together on-the-road activity bags and also wanted to make them special pillowcases. Since she’s blind, that’s where I came in.

I suggested we make them out of something soft and cuddly. Georgia wasn’t familiar with Minky, but was fascinated when I brought her a housecoat I have that is made of it. She liked the idea so off we went to JoAnn’s and picked some up. Just to be safe, we bought a little extra. Turns out, that was a good thing. After I got home, Georgia called me and said there is third child, a 3 year old boy, that will be remaining home with mother. Could I make him a pillowcase as well?

The attached photo is of the final products. The pillowcases are of Minky, of course and are the same color since Georgia says the kids are quite competitive. To designate which belongs to whom, I trimmed the boy’s pillowcase with a psychedelic sea creature fabric and the little girl’s with horses. Those are the animals she told me they are in to.

The little guy was a problem. I didn’t have quite enough fabric to do a full size pillowcase. But I started thinking about a little one, left behind while the elders went on an adventure and how he might be feeling left out, lonely………… and I came up with the idea of a mini-body pillow he can snuggle with and lounge on while he’s “home alone”. To dress it up a little, I appliqued a friendly Teddy Bear on it.

The kids will be at her place to pick up their going away gifts this weekend and I’m really looking forward to hearing what they think of this joint project!

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