Hemp Quilts

Few people think of hemp and quilting together. Hemp use to be a very heavy, coarse fabric so didn’t really suit quilting. But things have changed! There are hemp and hemp blend fabrics now that are as fine as any quilter’s dream fabric.

Additionally, there is the matter of durability and comfort. When we make a quilt we usually look at it as a potential piece of history for our family or whomever we are making it for. We hope these works of art will not only keep the recipients warm and comfy, but be passed down through generations. In this respect, hemp is the ideal fabric!

Hemp is one of the most durable, long-lasting fabrics there is. Other real pluses for it are the fact that it gets softer, gentler to the touch, as it ages while it still holds its shape beautifully. It also takes dyes beautifully, and holds the color long term, if you are into creating distinctive fabrics to use in your quilts.

And THAT is why I make hemp quilts. All of those reasons, really. I want recipients of my workmanship to know that what they may love today will last long term, get better and better as the years go by.

Some of my quilts have cotton tops and hemp backing. These are for the more traditionalist recipients. But at the same time, they offer the tactile benefit I have come to love.

If you are a quilter you really should consider using hemp. There are many companies now offering both 100% as well as cotton, silk, and other  blends. Try it! You might like it!

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